Mondragon Unibertsitatea

About Us

Guri Buruz / Sobre nosotros

MONDRAGON UNIVERSITY is a non-profit cooperative university of social vocation and public interest open to the whole of society and focused on the needs of businesses, institutions and organisations.

The university trains people in seven nowledg areas:

  • Engineering
  • Business Management
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Education
  • Media Communication
  • Gastronomic and Culinary Sciences
  • Cooperativism.

It has four faculties and 9 sites:

  • Faculty of Engineering in Arrasate-Mondragon, Goierri and Orona Ideo-innovation city in Donostialdea.
  • Faculty of Business Sutdies in Oñati and Bidasoa
  • Faculty of Humanities and Education Sciences in Eskoriatza and Aretxabaleta
  • Faculty of Gastronomic Sciences - Basque Culinary Center in Donostia-San Sebastián
  • Bilbao Berrikuntza Faktoria in Bilbao


In our cooperative culture priority is fiven to work, cooperation, democracy, sollidarity and the involvement of all groups (worker-members, students and collaborators) who play a part in the management and representation bodies. It is a shared project with a collective identity but with a decentralised, self-managed and sustinable model.

Our project involves searching for progress combined with a commitment to society and the promotion of values such as cooperation, participation, social responsibility and innovation.

We also have the ability to quickly adapt to technological and socio-economic changes occurring in our sphere of influence.

MONDRAGON Corporation, of which we are part, with 83.000 workers (figure from 2013), is the top Basque business group, seventh in Spain and a global benchmark of cooperativism. With 256 sites, 94 foreign production plants and 9 corporate offices, this business group works in the areas of Industry, Finance, Distribution and Knowledge.